About SAFE Highway Engineering

Highway Safety Services

highway safety services SAFE Highway Engineering staff has completed hundreds of highway safety studies in the Philadelphia and South Jersey regions. Clients served include: PennDOT, NJDOT, Monmouth County, Atlantic County, and numerous other municipalities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Safety studies range from investigation into a single vehicle crash (for contributing factors and remedial treatments) to complete corridor studies. Many studies are carried out with coordination and participation by the FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) and regional planning agencies such as DVRPC and SJTPO.

Road Safety Audits

road safety auditsA Road Safety Audit (RSA) is the formal safety performance examination of an existing or future road or intersection by an independent, multidisciplinary team. It qualitatively estimates and reports on potential road safety issues and identifies opportunities for improvements in safety for all road users. Joe Fiocco was instrumental in the Pilot Road Safety Audit programs in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey and has participated in dozens of successful Road Safety Audits in the Philadelphia and South Jersey region over the last 20 years.

Traffic Impact Studies

traffic impact studies SAFE Highway Engineering staff has been actively involved in all aspects of the Traffic Impact Study/Statement (TIS) process beginning in 1986 through to the present. In addition to the successful management of dozens of private sector traffic impact studies, SAFE Highway Engineering staff has reviewed countless traffic impact studies on behalf of PennDOT, Monmouth County, as well as Lower Southampton Township and numerous other municipalities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, while serving as their appointed traffic engineer.

Traffic Signal Analysis

traffic signal analysis SAFE Highway Engineering staff has personally designed a number of traffic signals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and has a thorough understanding of the traffic signal warrant process as well as the costs associated with the design, construction and maintenance of a traffic control signal. We can help you make an educated decision about the benefits of a traffic signal for your specific situation.

Stop Sign Study (Multi-Way Stop Analysis)

stop sign analysis Is the installation of a stop sign the solution to your traffic problem? Let SAFE Highway Engineering put over 30 years of traffic engineering and highway safety experience to work for you. A multi-way stop sign study can be completed at a minimal cost to your municipality and will provide the assurance that the proper traffic control device is installed to improve safety, minimize delays and reduce the potential for successful validity challenges.

Work Zone Traffic Control

work zone traffic controlProper traffic control during road construction and maintenance operations is a significant factor in the success of a project and can save lives while reducing project costs. SAFE Highway Engineering personnel has designed and reviewed hundreds of traffic control plans for projects throughout the Philadelphia region. Let SAFE Highway Engineering put 30 years of practical experience behind your road construction project to help ensure a safer and cost effective result.

Traffic Control Designs

traffic control designs SAFE Highway Engineering can design the traffic controls for your facility to improve the safety performance for all users while minimizing the overall delays. Traffic controls include regulatory signs, warning signs, directional signs, pavement markings, traffic control signals, flashing warning devices, etc. Services include initial studies, conceptual plans, final plan preparation, bid specifications and field inspections. The 2009 MUTCD included a large number of changes affecting all levels of government. Let SAFE Highway Engineering help ensure that your road project meets all of the appropriate MUTCD requirements.

Safety Reviews and Design Exception Reports

safety reviews and design exception SAFE Highway Engineering personnel have has been intimately involved in every phase of highway engineering, beginning with feasibility analysis and conceptual design to final design and construction inspection. In addition, Joe Fiocco spent many years working in the highway maintenance department, developing an understanding of the ramifications of design decisions. We can help produce a more practical, cost effective, maintainable road project while adhering to local and state highway design standards. SAFE Highway Engineering can utilize the latest safety analysis software (developed for use with AASHTO’s 2010 Highway Safety Manual) to produce a safer and more practical project while streamlining the government approval process and ultimately reducing exposure to future tort liability.

Data Collection

Data Collection SAFE Highway Engineering has the equipment and expertise to collect data for the evaluation of vehicular and pedestrian volumes, as well as to conduct spot speed studies. SAFE Highway Engineering utilizes real-time video recording that is conducted with commonly used video equipment (such as that found on countingcars.com). This permits the recording of real-time traffic operations over an extended period of time, to be reviewed at a later date. The video allows for repeated viewing and/or viewing at a slower speed, if necessary, to ensure that the data collected is accurate. SAFE Highway Engineering uses radar technology for the collection of data for spot speed studies.

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